Your customer called and said their furnace seems to be running but the house is cold. The problem could be anything. In the past, you would have jumped in your truck and driven to the house to diagnose the problem. If you were lucky you’d have the right parts, but when you didn’t, no worries. Once you diagnose the issue you’d run for parts and pick up what you’d need and then head back to do the repair. Thank god, those days are over. Today you simply open up LifeWhere and take a look at the data coming from the furnace. You can see the data from the equipment and the recommendation from LifeWhere on what the problem is as you and your team validate it. It’s a simple ignition problem. Now you can send out the new guy with a part from inventory, allowing you to maximize margins. After all, changing a defective ignitor is a simple job. Gone are the days of multiple truck roles and higher costs.

 LifeWhere allows you to see exactly what happened to the equipment so that you can make the right diagnosis. Additionally, you can verify, post repair, that you the jobs been done right. No callback here.
Failure to Ignite

After the inducer starts, you can see that you have four attempts to ignite followed by a system shutdown.

Remotely Diagnosing the Problem

At the end of each failed ignition attempt, the gas valve opens. If the gas valve is operating correctly, it can only be one of two things; no gas or a faulty ignitor. Because you can see the history, you can see that that the ignitor’s been failing on its first and second attempt for a while. This one’s easy. It’s the ignitor.

Validating the Repair

The team can watch the repair in progress and after the work is completed, they can verify that the unit is back to normal. No callback here.


With LifeWhere, you are able to remotely diagnose the problem, send the right technician with the right part, fix the problem with one truck role, and verify that the repair was done correctly. Faster time to repair, proper staff utilization, and validation that the job was done right; that’s a happy and profitable customer in the making.