Owning a home is exhausting. Exploding hot water tanks, flooded basements, broken sump pumps and failing furnaces can ruin your month.

LifeWhere’s breakthrough predictive analytics is changing all that, giving homeowners peace of mind. Here’s our customer and new mother Heather N. on how LifeWhere saved her thousands.

Q: How long have you been a homeowner?

I’ve been a homeowner for just over eleven years. I moved into a new home in May this year, so I’ve been in my current house for less than six months.

Q: What are the hardest things you’ve dealt with as a homeowner?

The worst thing in the world is when things break, because you never plan for it. It costs money to fix stuff, and replacing them financially really hurts. It’s also a pain dealing with the whole process, it’s exhausting and feels like it never ends.

Q: Have you had any major problems in past homes?

In our old house, we had a hot water tank explode. It actually exploded, and the water went everywhere in my basement. We had to do a major fix on the tile, everything. It was thousands of dollars to replace it and re-do the drywall and flooring, not to mention having a plumber come out to the house.

Around the same time, the main drain line backed up and we had to replace the piping, adding onto our already huge bill. It was a huge pain.

Q: Have you had any problems in your new home?

Our house had an addition, when the previous homeowner did the big addition he didn’t upgrade the AC unit or furnace.

We moved in during May, and it was cool so I didn’t think anything of it because it was the springtime.

“We had to do a major fix, it was thousands of dollars to replace”

Q: How did going through these problems make you feel?

I didn’t want to be a homeowner after all that, I never wanted to go through anything like that again. We had just bought the house, it was maybe a month later. It was very stressful.

Q: Tell me a little bit about your family.

I’m married with one child. At the time, our baby was six months old. It was nerve-racking when the AC wasn’t really working. We were thinking, “we’re home, is she cool enough?”

Q: What was it like having LifeWhere coming into your home?

They put a LifePulse on our AC unit, monitoring the data from it. After noticing some “erratic data,” LifeWhere notified me and advised me to call an HVAC technician to come check out my unit, who concluded that my Freon coolant was low. This caused my AC unit to run a lot longer and a lot harder, forcing it to almost never shut off.

After further inspection, they found out that our unit was the wrong size for our house entirely. Our unit was too small for the house, preventing it from cooling effectively.

Now that it’s fixed and upgraded to be more efficient and the right size for my house its cooler than it ever was.

Q: How much money has LifeWhere saved you?

After the LifeWhere guys came in and found out that my Freon was low and the AC unit was the wrong size for my house, being too small to properly cool it, I was able to contact an HVAC technician.

After getting a new unit fitted for the correct square footage and the right amount of Freon, I was able to replace it through my home warranty.

If I waited until next summer when the warranty expired to find out I needed a unit, I would have had to pay out of pocket to keep my house cool. I have a small child, I can’t afford not to.

We got a whole new AC unit, saving me $6,000. On top of that, having a unit with correct Freon levels lowered the kilowatt hour, saving me about $200 off my electric bill for the summer. Thanks to LifeWhere, I saved $6,200.