Join us for an inside, behind-the-scenes look into the process of filming our first commercial in August 2017. We brought a small crew and filmed in-house, bringing months of innovation and ideas to life.

Our main actress demonstrates how LifeWhere flips the home service provider to homeowner relationship, fitting the service provider into her busy schedule while she’s at work. This shows how the power is back in her hands, rather than waiting for a four-hour window that the provider typically provides her.

We sat in while the camera was rolling, checking out the lighting and camera angles.

Once our team was happy, we went on to film Joe — our home service provider — who was on the other end of the phone call viewing our business woman’s diagnostics on her A/C unit.

Joe is currently out on another call when he received a notification that our busy business woman’s freon was low in her A/C unit.

Being proactive, he decides to give her a call and let her know that he can save her money each month by coming out to fix the problem she didn’t know she had. He pulls up real-time data in front of him on his iPad while he’s talking to her, showing that he knows exactly what’s going on and has all of the information necessary, readily available.

Our final scene in the commercial is shown here, with a zoomed-in shot of a LifePulse. The LED  illumination ring is glowing the signature LifeWhere orange.