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Who We Are

We solve home utility problems, before they’re problems.

LifeWhere is transforming the home service provider market by introducing predictive analytics for home utilities.

The breakthrough LifePulse technology attaches to machines in the home, constantly monitoring utility health.  Through applications and cloud analytics, service providers are alerted to a problem before it happens.

Homeowners have a home health dashboard, efficiency advice and warning system to schedule repairs before problems arise.

Proactive monitoring allows the service provider to reach out – multiplying customer conversations, increasing subscription contracts and reducing callbacks.

In the News

Predicting Home Utility Failures Before They Happen – A Breakthrough

By Anurag Harsh, Contributor, Huffington Post, LinkedIn Top Voices (Tech #1)

Do you know how your home furnace works? Could you tell if your air conditioning unit is running efficiently? The answer is obviously, no. Aside from highly skilled HVAC technicians – most people can’t.

The attitude therefore has been to suck it up when bad luck strikes and pay through our noses for whatever the service repairman would charge us. These machines are so critical to the functioning of our homes that when they stop working, the situation gets dire enough that we often do not even have the time to try out multiple service providers or compare quotes. We need the problem fixed yesterday.

If there was a way of knowing ahead of time if the machines in our home were not working in their most optimal form, so that we could avert a disaster from happening, that would be something, right? Connectivity is the mantra everywhere right now… Read More.